Would you like to be someone else?

No. I wouldn’t. I love myself as I am. With my problems, my messy thoughts, my mind, with my personality, my flaws, my talents and qualities. No, I’ve never thought about being someone else, or being different than what I am. I’ve learned to accept and love myself throughout my life, and even if I could, I wouldn’t change myself for anyone.

Is it better to run away or face the problems?

My answer is: Fight, always fight. Even if sometimes feels impossible to keep going. Fight. I’ve been into dark deep holes throughout my life. And that never stopped me from fighting. I guess that if you have someone by your side, it can be easier.

But if you are alone. Take a break if you want, breathe, but don’t lose hope, keep fighting, be strong. I know you can beat this battle. I know you’ll be stronger when it ends. Hang in there.

What’s the difference between living and being alive?

Being alive it’s just you, being able to breathe, and your body being able to work. But living…living is different, living is falling, is experiencing things, taking stupid decisions, making mistakes, loving, crying, smiling, feeling. Living is availing of life.

Question courtesy of: Questions Diary

Do you feel like you should give more affection to people around you?

Should I? Probably. Feel like I should? Not at all. My nature is almost asocial. My social and emotional intelligence need a lot of development and I need to learn a lot. I do not like most of the people around me, and if I create a bond with someone, a strong bond, I blank out, because it is not something I have knowledge of, it is not something that I understand or have experienced before, I fill myself with doubt, and I get lost in an attempt to change.

Question courtesy of: Questions Diary

Why nobody stays forever?

We are human, we are ephemeral beings, whether we want it or not. And like our being, our existence, our life; our emotions change, the experiences transform us; you can change the way you see the world so easily, and your personality, often hidden behind a mask. That is why nobody stays forever, nobody is genuine enough, and those who are, do not live long enough.

Question courtesy of: A lost human

Do you think being fragile is a bad thing?

No, at least I don’t see it that way, maybe if you’re fragile, things hurt more, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing, fragility is a characteristic that many people have, but that few accept and value, many see it as a weakness, but I see it as a beautiful and complex quality; something that few are able to understand, because while for some it is a misfortune to be fragile, for others it can be even useful. I don’t know too much about this interesting and profound feature, but I think we should all be able to see beyond the fact that being fragile is a simple defect.

Question courtesy of: A very sad friend

The Oxygen Stealer

Oh hey! It seems that you found me. I’m Lui, the young writer behind his blog.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog entries as much as I enjoy writing them, I also hope that you find something helpful for your life in these unprofessional paragraphs. Without anything else to say, welcome to The Oxygen Stealer!

Atte: Lui

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